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The Beautiful Ones

Watch as talented musician Dean Ford transforms once again into Prince for the live show of the Beautiful Ones this October 13th!

For five consecutive years, Dean Ford and his musician friends have put on a Prince tribute show on Halloween. Past shows have featured Prince and The Revolution’s own keyboardist Matt “Doctor” Fink. Lately, Ford has been sticking with his core band, The Beautiful Ones, featuring Evan Haines, Aaron LaChance, Joe Harding, Jeff Chipman, Jason Ward, and Gina Alibrio. Though, he and the band have plenty of surprises up their frilled sleeves. Ford, as Prince, and company perform everything from “Purple Rain” to other material from the catalog of his royal badness between the years 1978 and 2004. He’s got the look, moves and sounds down jaw-droppingly well. Hear – and see – for yourself what it sounds like when Dean Ford’s doves cry.

Check it out for yourselves this October 13th!